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Illustrations to Share

Check out these beautiful illustrations that bring the Better Allies messages to life. Share them to help spread the Better Allies approach.

Thumbnails of 6 illustrations from a collection that brings the Better Allies messages to life. Click to visit the page with the entire collection and alt-text for each image.

Mini Posters

These are shareable and freely available via CC BY 4.0.

Thumbnail of the Tech Diversity Bingo Card mini-poster Thumbnail of the When You Hear This Pay Attention mini-poster Thumbnail of the 50 Privileges in the Workplace mini-poster Thumbnail of the Workplace Privilege During a Pandemic  mini-poster

Inclusive Language Slackbot

If you use Slack, consider customizing it to automatically flag non-inclusive words and phrases and make alternate suggestions. Learn more about the Inclusive Language Slackbot.

Stock Photography and Illustrations Featuring People from Underrepresented Groups

We’ve curated a list of sites that specialize in stock photos and illustrations featuring people from underrepresented groups. Some are free, and some for a fee.

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