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Illustrations to Share

Check out these beautiful illustrations that bring the Better Allies messages to life. Share them to help spread the Better Allies approach.

Mini Posters

These are shareable and freely available via CC BY 4.0.

Thumbnail of the Tech Diversity Bingo Card mini-poster Thumbnail of the When You Hear This Pay Attention mini-poster Thumbnail of the 50 Privileges in the Workplace mini-poster Thumbnail of the Workplace Privilege During a Pandemic  mini-poster

Read Better Allies With Your Team

Figuring out how to be a better ally in your workplace or community doesn’t need to be a solo task. Instead, why not form an allies book club? We have a discussion guide to get you started. (This guide applies to both the 1st and 2nd editions of Better Allies.)

Inclusive Language Slackbot

If you use Slack, consider customizing it to automatically flag non-inclusive words and phrases and make alternate suggestions. Learn how here.

Stock Photography Featuring People from Underrepresented Groups

We’ve curated a list of sites that specialize in stock photos featuring people from underrepresented groups. Some are free, and some for a fee. Check them out here.